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Ashwani Kumar Gupta popularly known as A.K. Gupta Sir among his students is a renowned Physics teacher. He has been successfully teaching Physics for students appearing for Class XI and Class XII as well as preparation for high competitive exams such as Medical, NEET, I.I.T, SAT, IB. With more than 25 years experience he has become a synonym for teaching Physics topper among the top Schools in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Through the years with continued success gupta sir has built credibility and extremely sought by parents. Students come from very reputed homes study in school like Modern,Vasant valley,Delhi public school,Pathways etc. Gupta sir teaches Physics topic wise ,he select one topic then grilled that topic according to level of student so that student feel comfortable in dealing with all problems related to that topics. Besides that there is proper test in that topic and it keeps on repeating till student becomes perfect depending upon his/her requirements This method works well and appreciated by parents. A.k Gupta Sir is already teachings students of pathways,Shriram,Gdgoenka ,Sanskriti,Delhi public school etc. parents review is given below.

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With AK Gupta, you will start loving this complex Physics subject as never before. Here are few of the benefits that we associate with this teaching methodology


Remarkable learning curve for Physics with interactive guidance


Private One on One communication


Highly simplified example based teaching process

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Special Topic Learning

Home Tutor Special Services Delhi/NCR
Mr AK Gupta offers special home tutor classes right into the confines of the home where students are more comfortable and get to the basic of the learning process with ease of guidance in Physics Curriculum.
Fundamentals of Physics
Physics is one of the foundational parts of Science revolving around basics that must be studied by professionals who have comprehensive knowledge and experience for teaching students in a systematic way.


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